It’s a Grilled Cheese Party!

An ooey gooey, bubbly and drool worthy event at HopsnDrops.

Comes with your choice of side. We suggest a cup of tomato basil soup for dippin’ + $2

Every Grilled Cheese Sandwich needs Tomato Basil Soup on the side!

Ours is homemade right here at HopsnDrops

Cup 5.75 | Bowl 7.50

What goes GREAT with everything?

An ICE COLD HopsnDrops BEER!

We celebrate BEER everyday at HopsnDrops. Try one today and support our “GOOD NEIGHBOR FUND”.

A HopsnDrops LAGER goes great with a Grilled Cheese!

HopsnDrops Good Neighbor Fund

This fund was created to assist team members, guests and
members of our community who are going through a difficult time or experiencing a traumatic event through no fault of their own.

25¢ from every HopsnDrops beer sold is donated to our “GOOD NEIGHBOR FUND” helping our neighbors in need.

Because of YOU and YOUR beer purchases… we have raised over $1 million for this fund since 2009!